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Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Our Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty.

Hallelujah thanks God for blessings me through this ministry....while I was in need with my family homeless with kid of 2 years old and my woman was pregnant of 3months Old...we are homeless sleeping in church premise so cold out there's when I reach this ministry....they help out with sum of 40$ It's goes a long way m now blessed with a sounding baby boy Elijah doing great...thanks hallelujah my ministry also moving forward... hallelujah.

Taiwo Ogunbiyi

My name is Matilda Omolade. I want to use this opportunity to thank God and to say a big Thank You to God's Glorious Church for their assistance at my time of need. I pray that God'll continually meet the church at their point of need in Jesus name. I'm very grateful.

Matilda Omolade

Am pastor monica malama in zambia am very grateful for the man of god apostle jessy ongereka for supporting me financially he rescued me from being evicted from the house i didnt pay due to hardship of my life but when i told him he sent me the money and immediately i paid my landlord am grateful not only that he sent me anothe some of money to start up a small business so that i may sustain my self am grateful man of God, more grace and live long

Monica Malama

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